Offshore Windfarm EnBW BALTIC2

Project summary

The wind farm comprises of 80 Wind Turbines with a capacity of 3.6 MW (Siemens 3.6 MW-120) each. The water depth across the site ranges from 23m LAT to 44m LAT. The wind farm Baltic 2 will have an output of 288 megawatts.

The foundation lot comprised of the design, fabrication, engineering and installation of two different foundation types; the 39 shallower locations consisted of monopile foundations. The 41 deeper locations within the wind park required tripod jacket type foundations.

Scope of Work

Thorsten Zell worked on the Baltic2 project as international welding engineer and Frosio Inspector. His project cooperation started in November 2012 and ended in July 2018.

As fabrication engineer for LOT 3 (Fabrication and supply of 39 offshore foundation structures by the fabricator JV EEW/Bladt) he was responsible for different tasks in the design and fabrication process of monopiles and transition pieces. This included interface management with the certifying body, the third-party-inspection and different departments of the JV.